School store set to open in the fall


Linsay Ross, Staff Reporter

In the 2019-2020 school year, North Hardin is bringing back the school store.


The school store will be located in the ticket booth at the back entrance of the school where students enter for admission to basketball games.


North Hardin previously had a school store, and Mrs. Geisert said she wanted to relaunch the store after watching other schools have success with it.   She said It will also help with bringing in money to our school and help kids who need those items.


Some of the students say they are excited about the opening of the school store.


“I am excited to be able to purchase everyday items that I need or forget at a cheap price,”  Trevor Rucker’ 21 said.


Some of the seniors say they wish it happened while they could have enjoyed it.


“ I wish we had a school store while I was in high school says” Austin Phoutharansy ‘19. “ I could’ve bought more north stuff to wear and use.”


According to Mrs. Geisert, the store will be selling spirit wear such as t-shirts, spirit accessories and school supplies at a cheap price.


This opportunity to work the store will only be available to 2019-2020 juniors and seniors.  They will go through an interview process. The student body should be able to purchase from the school store before school, after school and during lunch next year.