Youtubers amongst us

Deeanna Phoutharansy, Staff Reporter

Many Youtubers blend in the hallway at North Hardin.  

Some may wonder why students with such busy schedules would engage in a platform like Youtube, but after speaking with some students who own their own channel they had some insightful things to say.

“Part of me always wanted to do Youtube, but I was always so scared,” Felicia Jarrett ’19 said.  “Now that I’m a senior, I really don’t care, you know? Subscribe to my channel at Felicia Jarrett,aye.’’

Many students make youtube channels for a variety of reasons.

“I use to make dance videos, but now I do vlogs and challenges,” Blake Bell ‘21 said.

Nowadays, students see more and more people making Youtube as a career; various students said they have future plans for their Youtube channels.

“I plan on vlogging more after basic training,” Jarrett said.   “I also plan to film my college life while figuring out my career.”

Another students says she hopes to grow her following.

“Yeah, I plan to make videos in the future with a growing subscribers list as I make videos with my own pace,” Mykayla Hardy ‘19.

When you make videos, it obviously comes with some extra work with it which leads to some of the hardships the students we talked to go through with their channel.

“Editing is a long and hard process,” Hardy.  “The equipment to make a nice video is very expensive. Also, disappointing when your videos don’t skyrocket.”