Four students accomplishing great things

Kristen Manning, Staff Reporter

Over the 2018-2019 school year, North Hardin High School had several students that stood out from the rest because of their accomplishments.


Rachel Ritchie ‘22 was in the third grade when she formed “ The Rachel’s Fun For Everyone Project. “  Since then she has created an all-accessible playground in Vine Grove. Over $500,000 was raised in order to create a place for everyone.

“Every time I talk about inclusion to someone new, or see a face at the playground, my dream comes true all over again,” Ritchie said. “After all,  together we can change kids lives.“

Jamareon Jones ‘19 currently has 3 songs on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, or Tidal. He also auditioned for the Voice. He says he plans to go back again.

“ It was a long process, but now that it’s over I’m glad I did it,” Jones said.

Chasity Thompson ‘19 made the Honor Band of America in December of 2018. This opportunity really validated herself since this is a very prestigious program to get into.

“Once I got that congratulations email my confidence immediately shot up,” Thompson said.  Chasity says she plans to continue her education and get a PhD in Music Therapy.

Octavious Oxendine ‘20 currently has nine offers and is still working hard to recieve more. He says when he feels stress, he has been lucky enough to be in an environment where his team is like family, so they often lift the burden of stress. He also says he loves visiting campuses and helping the youth.

“Sometimes it (helping the youth) is bigger than football, but this is a sport I’ll forever love,” Oxendine said.