North’s Got Talent

Felicia Jarrett , Staff Reporter

     D2 won the North Hardin’s talent show on Wednesday, May 22.

D2 consisted of Dresden Morgan ’19 and Denise Villialon ’20 and they performed a dance routine.

“I couldn’t believe when they announced we got 1st place! We worked so hard and it feels great to know that all that paid off. We just wanted to do something different this year and give the people a good performance. I just want to say thank you to all the supporters.” said Morgan ’19 about how he felt on winning.

2nd place Queen Divas performed a dance routine that made the crowd cheer loudly.

3rd place Myla Lee ’20 performed the song Best Part by Daniel Caesar feat. H.E.R.


     North Hardin hosted tryouts for the talent show in the choir room on Tuesday, May 7; the performer’s fate was decided by two staff members: Mrs. Lydia Insko Grady and Mrs. Sandy Skeeters.

     “We look for many things. First, we try to have a diverse lineup of acts. We also consider the quality of the performance, how creative the act is, and the potential crowd appeal,” Mrs. Insko Grady said. “We want the student body to really enjoy the show and show support to the performers. It takes a lot of courage to share your talent with all of your peers.”

     Mrs. Insko Grady says most people who audition typically struggle with confidence.

     “It is scary to audition in front of people you don’t know, but if you are nervous in front of a small panel – how will you be able to handle a crowd of 1600?” Mrs. Insko Grady said.

     About 20-30 students auditioned for the talent show.  Madison Newberry ‘21 auditioned and offered advice to other students who might like to audition in the future.   

     “Just go out and do your best,” Newberry said.  “If you feel scared the only thing that could hold you back is yourself.”

     Michaela Snyder ‘19 says she wanted to showcase her passion.  

     “I’ve always loved guitars and when I finally learned how to play one I was pretty stoked,” Snyder said. “I made a guitar page on Instagram for my covers and I decided to start singing and everyone seems to love that so I stick to it.”

While performing, there was a sound issue with her guitar, so she was able to reperform towards the end of the show.

Jamare’on Jones ‘19 says he was so excited when he received word his group was selected to perform.

”It was a great feeling. I was in the talent show last year, but I wanted to do something different, so I’m glad my group was chosen so we can show off our new concept.” Jones said.

The performers said they are working hard rehearsing their performance.

“Me and my group are constantly practicing to make our song perfect,” said Donavin Bellonis ’19. “We have to work to make the song sound great by rehearsing in the choir room.”