Student creates her own fashion line

MaKayla Gray, Staff Reporter

We all have dreams but do we have the guts to pursue them? Shamia Hibbler ‘19 has made her dream her passion.


December 2018, Hibbler had started SAAVY; her very own line of t-shirts. Her clothing line has gone viral at North Hardin and she intends for it to spreads amongst Hardin County.  Shamia began SAAVY solely on her love of fashion.


“I love to see people mix my designs into their own style, ”Hibbler said.


From the start, she proved that being a high school student means nothing when it comes to conquering your dreams.


“The brand has really taught me money management,” Hibbler said.


Her line has built her own signature aesthetic of bold colors and playful proportions creating classic and original designs. Her t-shirts come in yellow, navy, black, red, and white.  


SAAVY has been worn by many students over the past few months.


“I think it’s so cool what Shamia is doing,” Ryan Damos ’19 said.  “It kinda inspires me to start my own line as well.”


In the future, Shamia says she hopes to expand the brand in college and one day and make her line worldwide. She also intends to come out with even more collections. Also coming soon is the SAAVY official website. For more information go to the line’s official instagram page @saavyinc.