North supports a teacher with his battle against cancer


Ryan Damos, Staff Reporter

The Trojans of North Hardin have raised money through hat day and t-shirt sales in support of Mr. Creason, a North Hardin teacher, who has been fighting a courageous battle since he was diagnosed in early February this year with head and neck cancer.

The students and teachers are supporting him through his battle.

“Mr. Creason has been my co-teacher for 6 years. It only feels right to support him. He was my support when my dad passed away from cancer two years ago,” Mrs. Kristi Lynch, a teacher at North Hardin, said.

Mrs. Alison Langley, the spokesperson for the Climate Committee, came up with the idea of hat day. The students were allowed to wear hats for one dollar. The proceeds of hat day went to help fund the costs of his treatment.

Students were also motivated to help our beloved teacher.

“It felt good to support him, and to know I was helping.” Cameron Mansell ’19 said.

Mr. Creason is aware of the schools support, as well. “I gave him the money we collected and he was incredibly grateful and almost moved to tears. He was so happy and he felt very loved and supported,” Mrs. Lynch.

The Trojans will continue to support their beloved teacher and be there for him.