Anderson makes money using Pinterest


Joline Wittstock, Staff Reporter

Story by Joline Wittstock


     Khajonna Anderson ’20 is on a journey to building her very own platform on Pinterest and she makes money by promoting products for a variety of companies.

     “I started Pinterest as a way to find new ideas,” said Anderson.  “I had no idea that there was a way to make money by using my phone. It was purely coincidental.” 

     She promotes items including hair products, makeup, clothing, and many other things; profits made just depend on the season as well as the number of followers. With each collaboration, Anderson says people can earn up to $50.

     With the profits made through multiple collaborations, Anderson says she  plans to use that to “promote her page or for whatever else she would like.”

     She currently has 500,000 followers, and her monthly viewers round up to around 5.5 million.

     As she gets used to having multiple promotions going through her page, she says she does “plan to expand to other social media outlets such as Instagram and youtube so that she can hopefully gain more following to promote other products.”

     Overall Anderson believes she will be able to continue to expand on Pinterest as long as she continues to market herself in a way that makes companies want to work with her.   Although there is room for errors, Anderson says she is hoping for the very best.