Day of Service

Jakori Tinsley, Staff Reporter

The Day of Service allowed students to opportunity to give to their community on Saturday, April 27.

“It’s important to participate in community service because giving back is humbling,” Danielle James ’19 said. “Being able to do for those who have done for you, or can’t do for themselves is truly a way  to show your appreciation.”

Mrs. Michelle Buehler said she helps to coordinate and puts together the Day of Service so students have an opportunity to help out the community.

“ We plan this event because too many people in our country are focused on only themselves, so I think it’s vital to teach the next generation to care about their fellow man,” Buehler said.  “Then I took some time to speak with some of the students who participated and they had some very insightful things to say when asked about their experience and why they participated.”

Students went to a variety of places, including Saunder’s Springs, Rineyville ballpark, Goodwill, the animal shelter and other places in the community.  Trinity White ’19 volunteered her time at Goodwill.

“I really enjoy helping out the community, it’s really fun to do and I’ve been participating in the Day of Service since my sophomore year,” White said.

Elizabeth Croghan ’19 said she helped clean one of the local schools and said it taught her a valuable lesson.

“ I have a lot more respect and appreciation for the school custodians now,” said Croghan. “They have very difficult jobs and most students overlook them.”