North Hardin prepares for graduation


The class of 2019 pose as their graduating year at the school’s parking lot.

Alinah Barkley, Editor

     The senior class of North Hardin High School will walk across the stage on North’s football field and get their diplomas on Friday, May 31, 2019.

     “Graduation is meant to be a milestone, a commencement ceremony celebrating the accomplishment of students completing 13 years of education to include Kindergarten,” said Mrs. Tanya Corder. “We celebrate with song and speech, but what I think is the most impactful part of the ceremony is when the graduate walks from one side of the stage to the other.  To me, this symbolizes the transitions from childhood to adulthood.”

     The school begins to plan many months in advance.  Mrs. Corder said that “a lot of planning and organization goes into graduation by our staff, especially our senior sponsors.”

     “Planning begins a year in advance and continues until “Pomp and Circumstance”  begins. With a large crowd expected each and every year, an orderly, structured environment is essential,” Mrs. Corder said.  “Many family members have awaited this moment and some have even driven or flown in from out of state to celebrate with us.  It is important that the graduation ceremony upholds our formal tradition of maintaining the integrity of the moment for the seniors and their loved ones. “

     Because of the formality of the event, a dress-code is required by the school.  Mrs. Shanae Thompson said there is a dress code for graduation attire.

     “No adornments on the cap or gown – in line, in seats, or on stage.  Cap should be flat on top,” said Mrs. Thompson. “(The) cap and gown must be one issued from Balfour.”

     Mrs. Thompson said she hopes rain doesn’t interfere with graduation.

     “If graduation takes place at Ray Story Stadium, students may have an unlimited amount of guests; rain is the only thing that could potentially put a damper on the celebrations,” Mrs. Thompson said.

     Mrs. Thompson said the school administration makes a decision based on the weather.

     “The school administration makes the decision when there is a risk of inclement weather when to move graduation indoors,” Mrs. Thompson.  “The type of weather expected (thunderstorms, heavy rain) would move graduation indoors. The safety of everyone is the top priority when making the decision”

No matter the location, there are many students who say they have been waiting for this day since they first entered high school.

“Graduating closes the door on our childhood and opens one for our adulthood, our whole lives we’ve been taught how to grow up and how to adult, and once we walk across the stage we are set our to give all the lessons we’ve learned a try on our own,” Andrew Henderson ‘19 said.

While some students say they are excited, some seniors being extremely nervous.  Some students say they aren’t fully aware of what is waiting for them on the other side of the stage.

“I’m nervous to graduate because we are entering the real world, and it’s time to truly face reality of being on our own,” Jasmine Arroyo ‘19 said.  “We have to begin to pay bills, and we won’t have someone by our side to help at every minute. Since we have be accustomed to having someone around at at all times.”

Corder expresses her hopes for the class of 2019 after they have graduated and enter the real world.

My hope is that each young person graduating searches deep to really understand what his/her dream is and then goes after it passionately.  With over 300 seniors graduation, we have a wide variety of talented young men and women, each in his/her own way,” Mrs. Corder said.  “Of course, we, as the North Hardin staff, are always proud to hear what becomes of our seniors and how they are contributing to our society, but most importantly to me, is that they live a happy and fulfilling life.”